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ArchWell Health

Dennis Charette, MD, with ArchWell Health

Editor’s Note: We connected with Dr. Dennis Charette to learn more about ArchWell Health located in Venice. The address on Venice Island is 543 Tamiami Trail S. Please call 941-202-6102 to schedule a visit. Learn more at ArchWellHealth.com. Dr. Charette, please introduce ArchWell Health. ArchWell Health provides primary care services to adults over 60 at no…

Kati Council

Sunrise Sanctuary with Kati Council

Editor’s Note: We connected with Kati Council to learn more about her practice at Sunrise Sanctuary. Learn more online at SunriseSanctuary.life. Call Kati at 941-218-9499. Kati, please introduce your core areas of expertise. Sunrise Sanctuary is an integrated healing space that blends techniques embraced by professional clinicians and therapists. My primary therapies include Quantum Healing…

Coastal Water Care

Coastal Water Care for Better Quality Water

Editor’s Note: We connected with Spencer Heldenbrand to learn more about Coastal Water Care serving communities throughout the region. Learn more at CoastalWaterCare.com. Call 941-255-9599. Please introduce Coastal Water Care. We’re a locally family owned and operated business helping our customers with products and strategies that enhance water quality for their home, property and business.…

Painting by Karen Chandler

Meet Fine Artist Karen Chandler

Award-winning fine artist Karen Chandler has created art for NASA and the U. S. Air Force. She’s also taught art classes and designed book covers for notable authors. Karen is well known for her closeup paintings of sunglass-wearing women expressing confidence, as well as colorful flowers and fruit. You’ll often see extravagant necklaces and touches…

ArboBella Tree Service

ArboBella Tree Service Overview

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Rafael and Flora Dominguez to learn about their fast growing local business, ArboBella Tree Service. The business supports a wide variety of commercial and residential clients throughout Sarasota and Charlotte County. Call 941-932-1768; visit ArboBellaTreeService.com. Please introduce ArboBella Tree Service. ArboBella is a full-service local business focused on tree and shrub…

Health Coach Deana Cotter

Introducing Health Coach Deana Cotter

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Deana Cotter to learn more about her coaching practice and related experiences. Call Deana for a free consultation at 860-608-6000. Learn more at DeanaCotter.com. Deana, please explain how you help your clients. I’m a Certified Intrinsic Wellness Coach. I assist people in transforming their life through organic superfood nutrition. I believe…

Mary Lundeberg photo

Mary Lundeberg Profiles Great Blue Heron

By Mary Lundeberg – A beautiful great blue heron, dressed in his finest grey breeding plumage was performing a mating display, stretching his neck upward with his bill skyward and his long feathers outward, trying to attract a mate. Although great blue herons don’t mate for life, their complex and varied courtship rituals enable these…

Dr. Francine Finucan

Dr. Francine Finucan Teaches Pilates

Editor’s Note: We connected with Dr. Francine Finucan, a Classical Pilates Instructor and retired Chiropractor, to learn more about how she’s helping residents and visitors with private Pilates training at her home studio. Call 607-621-8285. Francine, please introduce your practice. My practice name is Pilates With Francine. I offer private Pilates instruction in my home Pilates…

ArchWell Health Venice

ArchWell Health Opens in Venice

Editor’s Note: We connected with primary care physician Dr. John Schloff with ArchWell Health to learn about their innovative approach in supporting patients that have Medicare Advantage plans from major companies like United Healthcare, Aetna, Humana, and Devoted Health Plans. The address on Venice Island is 543 Tamiami Trail S. Please call 941-202-6102. Learn more at…