Power of self compassion

Amy Scholten on Self-Compassion

By Amy Scholten, M.P.H. – How do you treat yourself when you feel inadequate, make a mistake, or are having a difficult time? Many of us have been conditioned to criticize ourselves, but research shows that self-compassion promotes happiness and resilience while reducing anxiety, depression and stress.      Self-compassion involves acknowledging our suffering, faults, and…

Dr. Kondrup Family

Gynecologist James Kondrup, MD Joins GCMG

Editor’s Note: Dr. James Kondrup is a board-certified gynecologist and teacher with 30 plus years of experience. He’s accepting new patients at the GCMG Women’s Health & Wellness Center located at 8431 Pointe Loop Drive in south Venice. Please call 941-207-5330. Dr. Kondrup, where did you work previously and what brought you to this part…

Suzanne Sinclair

Meet Suzanne Sinclair with the YMCA

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Suzanne Sinclair, the Wellness Director for the Sky Family Venice YMCA located at 701 Center Road. She’s originally from South Africa. Please call 941-492-9622. Learn more at SWFLYMCA.org. What are some of the programs and events you currently manage?I manage the group fitness department (130 classes per week), the personal…

Erica Nabers Family

Health and Balance with Erica Nabers, AP

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Erica Nabers, an Acupuncture Physician and owner of North Port Acupuncture located at 14888 Tamiami Trail in North Port. Please call 941-423-1500 for a free consultation. Visit NorthPortFLAcupuncture.com. How did you get involved with acupuncture and natural health? I was in the nursing field previously using natural health approaches when…

Art by Jodi Rose

Artist Profile: Jodi Rose of Venice

     Jodi Rose of Venice loves painting with watercolors. It’s a passion that has helped the 63-year-old cope with the difficulties of living with Hashimoto disease. This autoimmune disorder causes the immune system to create antibodies that attack the thyroid gland. The gland produces hormones that support vital body functions, but it becomes severely disrupted…


Elizabeth Massey Encourages Resilience

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Elizabeth Massey, the CEO and Founder of HealWell & Thrive. She’s also a regular vendor at the Englewood and Venice Farmers Markets with her partner Chef Craig Chasky. Visit HealWellThrive.com. Elizabeth, what’s your mission how do you help your clients? To reinforce one’s resilience to successfully adapt and navigate losses…

Gulf Soles

Gulf Soles Provides Orthotic Sandals

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Mike McFarland, the owner of Gulf Soles with his wife Susan. Gulf Soles sells comfortable Florida-friendly footwear designed to improve the health of your feet. Gulf Soles is located at 2254 S. Tamiami Trail in Venice. Visit GulfSoles.com; call 218-820-4095. Mike, what’s the story behind the creation of your new…

Medical Cannabis

Medical Marijuana Card

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Ty Wilkinson, CEO of Natural Wellness Health Clinics based in Osprey. NWHC provides licensed physicians in compliance with Amendment 2, approved by Florida voters in 2016. The company also sells premium grade CBD products with zero THC. Visit FloridaNaturalMD.com to learn about medical marijuana (also referred to as medical cannabis).…

Kokokahn Essential Oils

Kokokahn Essential Oils with Traci Dalrymple

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Traci Dalrymple, the owner of Kokokahn Pure Essential Oils. Her store is at 3545 Bobcat Village Center Road in North Port (941-200-5243). The hours are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. She’s also at the Englewood Farmers Market Thursdays and the Venice Farmers Market Saturdays. Visit KokokahnEssentialOils.com…

Englewood Nutrition

Introducing Englewood Nutrition

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Mark Caposella, the owner of Englewood Nutrition with his partner Joycee Caposella. The couple helps their clients lose weight with good nutrition and coaching support. A free consultation is available at 941-681-0682. Learn more at EnglewoodNutrition.com. Mark, what’s the scope of your service and what’s involved with weight loss coaching?…

Sarah and Wessex

Foster Fospice for Older Pets

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Rev. Sarah Whitten-Grigsby, the founder and president of the nonprofit One More Day Foundation, Inc. to learn more about Foster Hospice (Fospice). Please call 941-548-1240; OneMoreDayFoundation.com. Sarah, what’s the mission of your nonprofit and what is Fospice? Our mission is to give a loving, respectful last chapter to homeless dogs…