Dr. Adam Agran family

Dr. Agran Introduces VAX-D Therapy for Back Pain

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Dr. Adam Agran with Agran Chiropractic located at 1986 S. Tamiami Trail in Venice. Please call 941-408-8100 to schedule an appointment. Learn more at VeniceVAXD.com. Dr. Agran, what is VAX-D Therapy and how does it help patients dealing with back pain? VAX-D Therapy, or Vertebral Axial Decompression, has been helping…

Renee Gillis Family

Renee Gillis Introduces Norwex

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Renee Gillis, an independent sales consultant with Norwex living in Rotonda West, Florida. The Norwegian-based company has been providing products around the world for 25 years. Please call 404-281-9025. Visit ReneeGillis.Norwex.biz. Renee, please introduce Norwex to our readers. Norwex is a direct sales company celebrating 25 years of providing healthy,…

Barbara Gaunt-Jaehne with Genevieve.

Barbara Gaunt-Jaehne and Lee Perron Receive Awards

By Randy Moore – I’m very pleased to announce awards for two respected leaders in our community. Dr. Barbara Gaunt-Jaehne is the inaugural recipient of our Venice Lifetime Achievement Award, and Lee Perron is the inaugural recipient of our Sarasota County Spirit Award. Barbara and Lee have had a significant impact on the health and…

Gero Family

Dr. Michele Gero Introduces Aspire Direct Primary Care

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Dr. Michele Gero, a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician who owns Aspire Direct Primary Care located at 415 Commercial Court, Suite C, in Venice (close to Jacaranda and I-75). Call 941-800-1630 to schedule an appointment. Check out the short video on the bottom of the home page at AspireDirectPrimaryCare.com for a…

Venice Train Station by Liesl Walsh

Memorable Moments with Liesl Walsh

Liesl Walsh is a fine art photographer who enjoys capturing memorable moments from her hometown Venice and other places around the world. The former art teacher from Pennsylvania has won awards for her photos of historical sites, tropical scenes, Florida architecture, pink flamingoes, and other subjects. You can see some of her exquisite photos at…

Rod and Sylvia O'Reilly

Meet Dr. Rod O’Reilly with O’Reilly Chiropractic

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Dr. Rod O’Reilly, the owner of O’Reilly Chiropractic located in the Historic San Marco-KMI Building on Venice Island. Please call 941-445-3265 to make an appointment. The normal business hours are 8am to 5:30pm Tuesday through Friday. Learn more at OreillyChiropractic.net. Photo shows Dr. Rod with his wife Sylvia. Rod, when…

Provision Laser Eye Center

My Experience with Cataract Surgery

By Daniel Flinn – “You have cataracts,” my ophthalmologist announced. “Great,” I replied. “When can I get those new lenses implanted?” I’d done my homework and realized the new lenses would correct nearly all the astigmatism interfering with my vision. A few weeks later, I had nearly 20/20 vision without my glasses. I still wear…

Linda Best

Venice & North Port Spirit Award Winners Announced

By Randy Moore, Publisher & Editor – I’m very pleased to announce that Linda Best, the owner of Venice Island Gallery (photo), and Traci Dalrymple, the owner of Kokokahn Pure Essential Oils, are the first two recipients of our Venice and North Port Spirit Awards.      Linda is being recognized for her dedication in promoting…

Dr. Scott Thompson Family

Dentist Profile: Dr. Scott Thompson

Editor’s Note: We spoke with Dr. Scott Thompson, one of the owners of Tarpon Shores Dental with offices in Venice, Sarasota and Englewood. He also manages the Venice office at 1314 East Venice Ave. Please call 941-488-7910 for an appointment. Learn more at TarponShoresDental.com. What’s the history of Tarpon Shores Dental? The creation of Tarpon…

Power of self compassion

Amy Scholten on Self-Compassion

By Amy Scholten, M.P.H. – How do you treat yourself when you feel inadequate, make a mistake, or are having a difficult time? Many of us have been conditioned to criticize ourselves, but research shows that self-compassion promotes happiness and resilience while reducing anxiety, depression and stress.      Self-compassion involves acknowledging our suffering, faults, and…

Dr. Kondrup Family

Gynecologist James Kondrup, MD Joins GCMG

Editor’s Note: Dr. James Kondrup is a board-certified gynecologist and teacher with 30 plus years of experience. He’s accepting new patients at the GCMG Women’s Health & Wellness Center located at 8431 Pointe Loop Drive in south Venice. Please call 941-207-5330. Dr. Kondrup, where did you work previously and what brought you to this part…